Skipolini's opens in Todos Santos Plaza
Proudly Serving the residents of Concord
Opened on the fourth of July!!!! Skipolini's Pizza celebrated the countries independence in 2007 by opening their fourth location on the corner of Salvio and Galindo streets in downtown Concord. The east bays award winning eatery has taken over the space that was previously occupied by TR's Bar and Grill. When Mark DeSaulnier was elected to his State Senate seat he decided that it was time to retire his 30 + year career as a restaurateur and close the doors of TR's. His restaurant, which was named after Theodore Roosevelt, had achieved legendary status during its heyday. Residents of Concord were elated to hear that TR's would be replaced by another legendary local restaurant operation and have welcomed Skipolini's Pizza with open arms!

Skipolinis Pizza

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