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Levitt composes for Skipolini's
Bay Area super talent lends a helping hand to his favorite restaurant
Justin Levitt, local piano phenom has agreed to compose two original pieces for the new Skipolini's Pizza web site.  Not every restaurant is so privileged to have such an extraordinary talent write a score for their use.  Fortunately for Skipolini's, Justin has been a longtime loyal patron of their establishments.  When owner Kent Ipsen approached Justin with what he considered to be an outrageous request, he was pleasantly surprised by the immediate response he received.  Justin, being a father of two young children, said, "I thought it would be a fun project, and I really didn't have much of a choice, my kids love Skipolini's, so they pretty much answered for me".

Justin has played all over the bay area in concert halls, at fundraisers, and at prestigious gatherings for local socialites.  Many in the business compare Justin's work to that of George Winston and Justin himself considers this comparison to be an accurate reflection of his style.  When asked about the two pieces that Levitt wrote, Ipsen responded, "He truly captured the flavor and feel of our restaurants, I feel very fortunate that Justin is so familiar with our establishment, and even more fortunate that his kids twisted his arm  to do this for us".

For those that are interested in hearing more about Justin Levitt you can contact him at justin.pianist@gmail.com.    

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